Resistance Bands 12 Piece Set


No matter outdoor or indoor, no matter if you want to burn fat, increase muscle strength, or boost stamina and flexibility, this 11 PCS exercise resistance bands set is the perfect choice for you.

Wide range of use for resistance bands: Burning fat, increasing muscle strength, and boosting stamina and flexibility. Exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, back, stomach and etc. Different colors means different strength weight, so you can choose the most proper one for different body parts. The attached foam handles, straps and door anchor make your exercise more comfortable and convenient.


  • Yellow band 10 lbs.
  • Red band 15 lbs.
  • Blue band 20 lbs.
  • Green band 25 lbs.
  • Black band 30 lbs.
  • Two cushioned handles, ankle straps, door anchor, waterproof carry bag


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